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6 heating tips to fight the price rise

The recently announced hike in energy prices is already hitting homeowners hard, with many already paying significantly more to heat their homes. On top of rising living costs, more and more people are looking for ways to save. Here are some suggestions from our experts that will help to reduce energy consumption and may shave a little off your monthly heating bills.

1. Optimise your home’s temperature

You may not realise if, but reducing the temperature of your home by as little as 1°C can result in energy savings as high as 6%, which can really help when it comes to managing your bills. Even better - you probably won’t even feel the difference. Except in your wallet, which is where it matters most. If you like to wear a t-shirt indoors, now might be the time to consider putting a sweater on when the weather’s colder.

While a temperature of between 18°C - 21°C is generally considered to be the optimum temperature for the home, you may find that rooms such as your bedroom and kitchen simply do not require the same level of heat. This is one area where smart devices can really help to optimise your efficiency.

2. Use radiators efficiently

German manufacturer Viessmann are a world leader when it comes to oil and gas boilers and are specialists in energy efficient heating. Their advice to homeowners is not to turn radiators completely off during colder seasons.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the logic is that reheating radiators from cold requires more energy and can therefore end up costing you more in the long run. Leaving radiators on at a very low temperature means you are not using extra energy to heat a home from cold, resulting in greater efficiency and as a result, potential savings.

3. Prevent heat loss

Any heat loss in your home is going to add to your bills and needs to be addressed. The pipes that carry heating water around your home are one of the main culprits, especially if you own an older home.

Insulating your central heating pipes does not require a great deal of expenditure, but can result in the water reaching the radiators at 2-4°C hotter. This is often enough to allow you to reduce the water temperature setting on your oil boiler, which can lead to significant long-term savings.

4. Keep radiators clean and clear

Keeping your radiators clean and clear can have a big impact on energy savings. Making sure that sofas and other soft furnishings are not touching radiators will allow the hot air to properly circulate, while ensuring that curtains are not draped over radiators will ensure the heated air radiates into the room, rather than being channeled towards the windows where it can escape.

It is also recommended that you give your radiators a thorough cleaning from time to time. Keeping them free of dust and lint can really help to keep them operating efficiently.

5. Prevent draughts

Even with a new-generation boiler, drafts can be a major obstacle when it comes to efficient performance, and can easily result in avoidable costs. Conducting a visual inspection of your doors and windows to ensure that seals, latches, etc., are intact and replacing them if necessary. Use your hand to detect cold air flows. A small outlay can easily return itself in savings.

Thermal blinds and/or curtains can also help, especially if you have older windows that are single or double glazed.

6. Use smart technology

Another way to enjoy even greater comfort and savings is to equip your home with smart technology. For example, a Google Nest learning device combined with smart radiator valves allows you to set and adjust your heating for optimum performance. A Nest thermostat will learn your habits and control your heating to fit your lifestyle, helping to avoid heating your home unnecessarily. Learn more in our article on how Nest thermostats work.

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