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Boiler fault codes - what they mean and how to fix them

Your boiler is the heart of your home, and as long as it is working properly, the chances are you don’t even think about it. It is only when you are suddenly faced with no hot water or cold radiators that you realise just how important it is. If your boiler has suddenly stopped working, it will usually display a boiler fault code that will help to identify the cause of the problem and indicate what action should be taken. Boiler fault codes can vary greatly depending on the make and model of your boiler. Read on to discover what to do if you experience a boiler fault code.

What can cause a boiler fault code?

It is important to understand that a combi boiler is a complex piece of equipment that works hard 24/7 all year round. This means that there is always a risk of problems occurring, although modern boilers made by manufacturer’s such as Worcester Bosch are exceptionally reliable. You should also note that a boiler fault code may not be a sign of a problem with the boiler itself. It could also indicate a problem with the electric or gas supply, the condensate pipe or the flu for example. This could be as simple as a temporary interruption to its supply.

What does my boiler fault code mean?

There are many different fault codes that your boiler can display and some combinations can have different meanings. This is no reason to panic, however - you should be able to find out what the fault code means in your boiler’s handbook. It may be that all you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset your boiler. If the fault code chart indicates that you should not use your boiler and that an engineer is required, it is extremely important that you get a suitably qualified person to have a look. If you can’t find your boiler handbook, don’t panic - read on for other ways to identify your boiler fault code.

Can I find my boiler fault code online?

Again, this depends on the manufacturer of the boiler. Links to fault code information from the main manufacturers are listed below:

Remember, some fault codes may not be easy to understand if you are not a trained boiler engineer. If this is the case, it is likely your boiler will need professional attention.

Important safety advice

Warning - only perform actions on your boiler yourself if instructed to in your boiler handbook. Any other work must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. If your boiler is under warranty, ensure that any work is also carried out by a manufacturer-approved engineer.

If you have any concerns for your safety or suspect a carbon monoxide or gas leak in your home, get everybody out of the property. Call the free Gas Emergency Services emergency line immediately on 0800 111 999 and follow their instructions.

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