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Can I convert my oil boiler for bio fuel?

Whether you wish to reduce your home’s carbon footprint or begin to future-proof your energy supply, it is worth learning more about converting your oil boiler for bio fuel. In this article, we take a closer look at this increasingly popular topic to help you get a better understanding of whether it is possible and what’s involved.

What is bio fuel?

Bio fuel is an increasingly popular alternative to fossil fuels that is usually formed from waste cooking oils, vegetable oils and animal fats. It offers several advantages compared to conventional oil.

Why choose bio fuel?

There are many benefits to using bio fuel for your heating system. These include:

  • A sustainable energy source - Biofuel is produced from waste materials, meaning it is both a renewable energy source but also contributes to recycling efforts
  • Lower carbon emissions - Biofuel produces significantly less harmful carbon gases than fossil fuels, resulting in reductions in environmental impact and air pollution
  • Fuel security - With bio fuel, there is no dependency on fuel imports from other countries
  • Lower cost - As the availability of bio fuel constantly improves, the cost is falling. It is also not subject to the price volatility that oil-based fuels experience

How do I convert my oil boiler to bio fuel?

Converting an oil boiler to bio fuel is not as complicated or costly as you might think. The most important adjustment is the burner, due to the different burning temperatures of different fuel mixes. Fitting a biofuel burner will ensure that your boiler performs at the best possible efficiency for the fuel source. At the same time, it is usually a standard procedure to replace the seals for bio fuel friendly seals, as bio fuel is typically more corrosive than standard heating oil. Finally, it will be necessary to clean the filters regularly, especially at the beginning. This is because bio fuel is a solvent, and will remove sludge from the walls of the storage tank. If this sludge is allowed to build up on the filters, it will significantly reduce the efficiency of your system.

Because bio fuel is a cleaner burning fuel than traditional heating oil, it can also help to keep your oil boiler running better for longer, giving an excellent long-term return on investment.

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