Smart control for heating system at Wrexham house

Get more out of your heating with smart controls

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control your heating system from your fingertips, no matter where you are? Have you been looking for new ways to save money and reduce your home’s environmental footprint? Thanks to cutting edge smart technology, you can enjoy all of this and more - and it’s probably a lot more affordable than you may have realised. Read on to discover more about smart technology for your boiler.

Nest by Google

One of the best-recognised brands in smart home technology, Nest have been a market leader in intelligent home technology for over a decade. The Nest brand was acquired by Google in 2014 and has become a firm favourite for millions of users. Behind their smart home technology is a simple mission - to help your home take care of you.

As a Nest Pro Installer, we can get your new boiler set up and running with the latest generation Nest Learning Thermostat, a simple, stylish and innovative smart device that has a lot to offer. As well as saving you money by optimising your heating to fit your habits, features include voice control, remote control via the Nest app and compatibility with other Nest home products. With a large, bright display, it is user friendly for everybody - so no more struggling with difficult to read controls!

Worcester Bosch Smart Controllers

Worcester Bosch’s latest generation of smart boiler controllers are a powerful alternative to Nest systems. The new range of Worcester Bosch controls allow you to take advantage of features such as smart, internet-connected programmable control for central heating and hot water which can be operated using a smartphone or tablet, as well as innovative programming that enables it to have an 'intelligent conversation' with the boiler and take advantage of advanced control features such as weather and load compensation.

Bosch smart home technology is also now fully compatible with Alexa, meaning that with a Bosch smart thermostat, you can now simply adjust the temperature of your home via voice command and create your very own feel-good climate. If you want to get even more specific, different rooms or ‘zones’ can be controlled independently - great if you like a cooler bedroom but a warm and cosy bathroom, for example.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler range is also designed to be Tado° compatible, meaning you can get a smart heating system up and running quickly and easily. Available in both a wired and wireless version, the Tado° Smart Thermostat helps you to save energy and maximize comfort and works with both central and underfloor heating.

With the Smart Schedule, Tado° lets you plan your desired day and night time temperatures in time blocks based on your routine, while its Geofencing feature reminds you to turn down the heating when the last person leaves home and to turn it up in time for the first person’s arrival. Tado° also detects open windows and reminds you to turn down your heating to save more energy. Other features are also available.

Looking for a new boiler that is fully smart home compatible? Speak to our boiler experts today to learn more. To book a free, no-obligation quote, call D. R. Plumbing & Heating today on Wrexham 01978 291 923 or Mold 01352 620 125.

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