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How an oil boiler service plan can help save money on fuel costs

With the rise in the cost of living really starting to hit our wallets, now is a time when homeowners across the UK are asking themselves how to save money - especially when it comes to heating and hot water, one of the biggest energy consumers in most households. While it is difficult to make any drastic changes that would give a dramatic return on investment, there are many small ways to reduce energy usage that, when combined, can really begin to add up to significant savings - ensuring you have a boiler plan is one of these. Read on to discover why.

Don’t compromise on safety

It is worth noting that although saving money is the key priority for most homeowners at the moment, safety should always come first as far as boilers are concerned. An oil boiler service is the best way to make sure that your boiler is as safe as possible, giving you and your family the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in order. There are several safety checks included as standard. These include:

Oil storage inspection

This is a visual examination to make sure that your oil storage meets the current safety regulations.

Seal checks

Seals on your oil storage can become dry or cracked over time. This visual inspection will determine if they need replacement, helping reduce the risk of leaks - which can be both dangerous and costly.

Oil supply system check

The checks will also include inspecting the oil supply system between your storage and your boiler to ensure there are no potentially dangerous leaks.

Flue Check

Your oil boiler’s flue must be kept clear to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent any build-up of dangerous gasses.

Electrical safety

It is important to remember that your oil boiler features electrical components, and these will also be checked for safety.

Check appliance safety controls

We check all of the equipment safety controls including thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices to make sure your boiler is running correctly and safely.

Measure and record oil pressure and flue gas analysis

This is to make sure your boiler is operating efficiently and that it is not producing dangerous gasses such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

Helping maximise efficiency for lower bills

While many of the checks involved in an annual boiler service focus on safety fundamentals, many of the checks can also help to ensure your boiler is running at its most efficient, ensuring that you aren’t spending any more than you should be for heating and hot water. These checks include:

Air supply

The air supply ensures that your boiler burns at the correct ratio and is important for efficiency. Issues with your air supply will result in your boiler burning more fuel than it should.

Clean heat exchanger

The heat exchanger in your oil boiler is the component that transfers the heat from the combustion chamber to the water that will circulate around your home and keep you warm. A clean heat exchanger allows your boiler to convert the highest amount of energy into heat, for maximum efficiency as well as a lower carbon footprint.

Clean combustion chamber

This is where your oil is burned to release energy in the form of heat. Like the heat exchanger, a clean combustion chamber will ensure you don’t consumer more fuel than necessary.

Clean out condensate trap

Modern, oil-condensing technology allows heat to be captured from the exhaust gasses and fed back into the system - one of the most critical elements for efficiency in an oil condensing boiler. If your condensate trap is blocked, your boiler may actually stop working.

Replace nozzle on jet burner

A clean jet burner nozzle on your oil burner ensures clean, stable and efficient combustion. The bruner should be replaced annually to maintain optimum performance. Different types of fuel may require different types of burner - if you are not sure about the fuel you are using, speak to your engineer.

Oil boiler service plans - a small price to pay for savings and safety

Our affordable oil boiler service plan costs just £90 plus VAT, giving you complete peace of mind and helping to ensure you keep your bills as low as possible. Click here to find out more about our oil boiler service plans.

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