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How much does a new combi cost?

Whether your combination boiler or ‘combi’ has reached the end of its life and you need a replacement or you are planning to replace an old model, you probably want to know how much a new combi costs. When comparing prices, be sure to check exactly what the price includes - if it doesn’t include installation you could be in for a nasty surprise.

When is it time to buy a new combi?

Your combi boiler is the hear of your home, providing heating and hot water all year round. If your combi has broken down and can’t be repaired, you will have no choice but to buy a new one - often without planning for such an expense. Boiler finance can help to spread the cost with affordable repayments, but you still want to be sure you know exactly what you are paying for.

If you have a boiler that is 10 - 15 years old, you should probably consider investing in a replacement. Not only will this ensure that you have a reliable boiler before your old one fails, you may find that it makes financial sense to replace your boiler now due to the savings offered by modern, efficient technology.

How much does a combi cost?

If you search for a new combi boiler online, you may find budget boilers available from as little as £500. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi boiler, in comparison, generally starts at around £1,000. Although the initial outlay may be higher, thanks to reliable and efficient technology from a UK-based market leader, you can be sure that the investment is worth it. Remember, you also need to consider the cost of having your new combination boiler fitted - read on for more on this.

What size combi do I need?

When looking at the price of a new combi, it is also important to check the size of the boiler. A 24kw boiler may be attractively priced, but will only provide sufficient heating for a relatively small flat or apartment. An average 3-4 bedroom house will generally need a boiler of around 28-35kw - which sees a considerable increase in price.

How much is a new combi fitted?

When considering the cost of replacing your combi boiler, it is important to make sure that the final price you pay is to have a new boiler supplied and fitted. You also want to be sure that you are investing in a safe and reliable boiler and expert installation. Here at D. R. Plumbing & Heating, we offer a fixed cost gas boiler replacement service for just £2,400, which will see your existing boiler replaced by a brand new, highly efficient Worcester Gas boiler.

Can I get finance for my new combi?

We offer a range of competitive boiler finance solutions, meaning you can choose the perfect boiler for your home today and spread the cost with affordable monthly repayments. We offer a range of finance packages including interest-free finance, buy now pay later and the option to spread the cost over up to ten years. Get in touch today for a no-obligation boiler finance quote.

Whether you are planning to replace an older combi boiler or need an urgent replacement for a failed boiler, we can get you warm and comfortable again in no time. Get in touch with your Wrexham based combi specialists now on 01978 291 923 / 01352 620 125.

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