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How to make your oil boiler more efficient

As winter approaches and the nights get colder and darker, you will likely get through your oil more quickly. So how can you save money by making your oil last longer? Read on to discover our top tips for making your oil boiler more efficient.

1. Get your oil boiler serviced

Getting your oil boiler serviced by a manufacturer-approved engineer is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make sure that you are getting maximum efficiency from your oil boiler. A full service will involve making sure that all the components are working correctly and identify and replace any worn parts that may be reducing the effectiveness of your boiler. It will also ensure that the burner is combusting properly and that all flues, vents, etc. are clear. This will help to ensure that your boiler does not burn more fuel than it needs to, helping your oil supply to last longer.

2. Set your thermostats correctly

Setting your room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) correctly will help to make sure that you get a comfortable home without using excessive fuel.

How can I use my radiator valves efficiently?

Thermostatic radiator valves can help you to save energy by controlling individual room temperatures to avoid overheating. A healthy household temperature for a relatively active family is usually considered to be 18-21 degrees. However, different rooms in your house are used differently. For example, you may want the bathroom warmer*, but the bedroom cooler for a more comfortable sleep. At the same time, the kitchen will likely have other heat sources, so there is much less need for heating. Setting the TRV in each room accordingly will increase your overall boiler efficiency by ensuring you use only the amount of energy that you need to maintain a comfortable environment.

*It is generally recommended not to use a TRV in bathrooms due to the heat produced by showers and baths.

How does the room thermostat work?

Room thermostats help to maintain an even temperature in the house all year round, preventing the house from getting too hot or cold in winter, as well as making sure the heating system does not fire up in summer unless the temperature of the house falls below a preset level. If the temperature of the ambient air is lower than the desired temperature set on the thermostat, it will command the boiler to fire up and send hot water to the radiators to heat the house, while if the air temperature is too high, the thermostat will send a message to the boiler to switch off, cooling the home down.

Did you know - for every degree lower that you set your room thermostat, you can save on average £65 a year - there’s a good excuse to get your winter sweaters out!

3. Look at smart technology

Smart technology such as Nest or Hive can look after most of what we’ve discussed above automatically, using cutting edge intelligent technology to learn your habits and adjust your heating operations accordingly for optimum efficiency. You can also have much simpler control over your settings, usually via an app on your smartphone.

Using smart thermometers alongside your oil boiler is a highly effective way of reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.

4. Get the most out of your radiators

Be careful to avoid some common oversights that can cause your radiators to use far more energy than required. This includes -

  • Keep them clean - a coating of dust can significantly increase energy consumption
  • Give them space - placing furniture such as armchairs and sofas too close to radiators will cause them to use more energy as the heat is absorbed by the furniture
  • Take care with curtains - like furniture, curtains that overhang radiators can also absorb a lot of heat. They can also cause heat to be redirected out of windows rather than radiated into the room - which can really impact your bills

5. Consider a boiler replacement

If your boiler is over ten years old, it may be worth considering replacing it with a more up to date model that offers improved technology and greater efficiency. Boiler technology has advanced significantly over the last few years and you may be surprised at how much more efficiency you may be able to achieve with the optimum oil boiler for your home.

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