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How to reset your boiler

Your boiler works 24/7 for 365 days a year to keep your heating and hot water working so that you can enjoy a comfortable home. Just like any machine, your boiler will need your attention from time to time. Every now and again, you may need to reset your boiler. Read on to discover how to do this.

Why do I need to reset my boiler?

If your boiler has stopped working, don’t panic. There are several reasons that your boiler may shut down, and usually resetting the boiler will fix the problem. Common reasons for your boiler to shut down include if the water pressure is too high or too low due to a problem in the water network, an interruption to the gas supply to your property or a blockage in the burner or heat exchanger. Before calling an engineer, it is worth seeing if you can reset the boiler yourself.

Most boilers will display an error code that will help you to understand the cause of the problem. Below are links to fault code information from the main manufacturers:

Be aware that some fault codes may not be easy to understand if you are not a trained boiler engineer. If this is the case, it is likely your boiler will need professional attention. The handbook will usually indicate if a fault code can be resolved by yourself or if an engineer is required.

Is it safe to reset my boiler?

Gas boilers have many built-in safety features that prevent them from firing if there is anything wrong. If there is any problem is detected in the boiler that may pose a risk to safety, it will not allow you to reset it. If your boiler does not start after attempting to reset it, get in touch with your engineer.

Why do I keep needing to reset my boiler?

You should only have to reset your boiler from time to time. If you find you are frequently needing to do this then it is likely that there is a fault in the system that needs to be rectified. Common causes for regular breakdowns include a broken pump, a leak somewhere in the system, an electrical issue or a blocked heat exchanger. These will require a qualified engineer to fix them.

If your boiler is more than twelve years old, you may need to consider replacing it. As a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer, we can help you to spread the cost of a new boiler with a choice of attractive, affordable boiler finance packages.

How do I reset my boiler?

There are two things that matter when it comes to resetting your boiler - the manufacturer and the fault code. Firstly, use the links above to diagnose the fault code for your boiler.

Next, you will need to follow the instructions in your boiler handbook. Different makes and models of boiler have different steps, so be sure to follow the handbook that came with your boiler.

If you can’t find your boiler handbook, use the links below:

Please check your fault code and read the instructions in your boiler handbook carefully. You will find the troubleshooting section of your handbook useful.

Once you reset your boiler, it may take a few minutes to begin working, and it may perform some startup procedures that make unfamiliar sounds. Don’t panic if it takes time - this is completely normal.

I’ve reset my boiler and it still doesn’t work - what should I do?

If you’ve tried to reset your boiler and it still isn’t working, make sure that it has an electric and gas supply. If you have an illuminated display, this will show you if there is power. If you don’t have an illuminated display, check if you have mains electric elsewhere in your kitchen. Likewise, it is a good idea to check if you have a gas supply. You can do this by checking the cooker.

If you are confident that your boiler has a gas and electric supply and you are still unable to restart it, get in touch with your engineer.

For help and advice from your trusted local boiler engineer, contact D.R. Plumbing & Heating today. Call now on Wrexham 01978 291 923 or Mold 01352 620 125.

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