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What makes the Intergas HRE Combi Compact Range so efficient?

The ground-breaking HRE Combi Compact range from Dutch manufacturer Intergas features some of the most innovative and efficient technology on the market. But what exactly is the secret behind this particular boiler’s exceptional efficiency? The answer lies in the small details. Read on to discover more.

1. Double Heat Exchanger

Thanks to a revolutionary, patented design double heat exchanger, the HRE Combi experiences minimal heat loss, achieving optimum heat transfer without the need for a troublesome secondary plate heat exchanger.

2. Ultra-High Efficiency

The HRE Combi is not just incredibly efficient in central heating, it also achieves an impressive 95.8% efficiency in domestic hot water, reducing emissions significantly and saving you money.

3. Mains Pressure Domestic Hot Water

Meet the boiler that runs from the pressure created from the main water supply, eliminating the need for a pump. This improves both efficiency and reliability.

4. Flexible Installation

The unique design features separate central heating and domestic hot water circuits, meaning that domestic hot water can be connected prior to central heating running.

5. 100% Continuous Condensing

With continuous condensing in both central heating and domestic hot water mode, the boiler can perform with maximum efficiency in both the summer months and in winter, something very few other manufacturers have been able to achieve.

6. Virtually No Standby Loss

For even greater efficiency, the HRE Combi has negligible electricity consumption when it is not running.

7. Innovative Control System

Thanks to the built-in state-of-the-art control system, the HRE Combi Compact can easily be converted to become a ‘Heat Only’ or ‘Sealed’ system boiler.

8. Interchangeable Parts

To help keep running costs to a minimum, most parts are interchangeable throughout the range.

9. Only 4 Moving Parts

When it comes to efficiency, less is often more. That’s why the SRE Combi has just four moving parts - flow switch, pump, fan and gas valve. Fewer moving parts not only means your boiler is more efficient, it also makes it significantly more reliable.

10. Just 12 Components

It’s not just the moving parts that have been eliminated in the quest for efficiency. The HRE Combi also has no need for Plate Heat Exchanger, Diverter Valve, Air Pressure Switch, Valve Motor or even an Auto-air Vent.

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