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What’s included in an oil boiler service

It is highly recommended that you have your oil boiler serviced by a manufacturer-approved engineer every year. As well as ensuring your boiler warranty remains valid, an annual boiler service can help save you money by ensuring optimum boiler performance and it gives you peace of mind that everything is in order. So what exactly does an oil boiler service include? Read on to find out more.

More than just a safety check

While an oil boiler service includes several items that concern user safety, it also covers far more than this. It is intended to ensure that your oil boiler performs at maximum efficiency and that every component is in full working order so that you can enjoy reliable and efficient heating all year round. The main elements of an oil boiler service are:

Check oil storage

The purpose of this visual examination is to ensure that your oil storage meets the current safety regulations.

Check seals

Over time, seals on your oil storage can become dry or cracked, which can increase the risk of leakage. A visual inspection is conducted so that they can be replaced if necessary.

Oil supply system

A leak in your oil supply system is not just dangerous, it also poses a threat to the environment, not to mention costing you money in lost oil.

Air supply

The air supply ensures that your boiler burns at the correct ratio and is important for efficiency.


The flue allows waste gasses to escape from your boiler and must be kept clear to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent any build-up of dangerous gasses.

Electrical safety

It is important to remember that your oil boiler features electrical components, and these will also be checked for safety.

Clean heat exchanger

The heat exchanger in your oil boiler transfers the heat from the combustion chamber to the water that will circulate around your home and keep you warm. A clean heat exchanger will allow you to convert the highest amount of energy into heat, giving you maximum efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.

Clean combustion chamber

This is where your oil is burned to release energy in the form of heat. Like the heat exchanger, a clean combustion chamber ensures maximum efficiency.

Clean out condensate trap

With modern, oil-condensing technology, heat is captured from the exhaust gasses and fed back into the system to increase efficiency. A by-product of this process is condensate, which must be able to drain from the system. A blocked condensate trap can cause your boiler to shut down, so it is important to ensure it is cleaned out.

Replace nozzle on jet burner

The jet burner nozzle on your oil burner ensures clean, stable and efficient combustion and should be replaced annually to maintain optimum performance.

Check appliance safety controls

We check all of the equipment safety controls including thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices to make sure your boiler is running correctly and safely.

Measure and record oil pressure and flue gas analysis

This is to make sure your boiler is operating efficiently and that it is not producing dangerous gasses such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

How much does an oil boiler service cost?

A standard oil boiler service costs just £80 plus VAT. For customers with a service plan, the cost is even lower. Click here to find out more about our oil boiler service plans.

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