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Why it’s worth investing in an oil boiler in 2022

If you live in a home that relies on oil-fired central heating and are looking to replace your boiler, you may be wondering what is the best advice in 2022 and whether it is even worth investing in a new oil boiler. The simple answer is yes. Read on to discover why.

1. Oil-fired Boilers are extremely cost-effective

Whilst the initial cost of installing a new oil boiler may be relatively expensive, it is important to note that this type of heating system is extremely cost-effective to run and is actually one of the cheapest ways of fueling a central heating system over time.

To put this into context, domestic heating oil as a fuel source typically costs 4.9 pence per 1KwH, which is only marginally higher than the average price of gas (4.2 pence). This is also considerably cheaper than electricity, which can cost up to 16 pence per 1KwH in some instances. Oil also costs less than the Economy 7 tariff, which charges users between 6 and 8 pence per 1KwH of power. In addition, because you tend to bulk buy your oil in advance, you are slightly less vulnerable to market volatility - learn more in the following section.

2. Bulk buying oil for bigger savings

One of the biggest advantages of installing an oil boiler is that you’re not tied into a long-term contract with an energy supplier in the way you would be with a gas supplier. While the price of heating oil can fluctuate considerably during the different seasons, you have the option to buy and store oil on demand, allowing you to take advantage when price fluctuations work in your favour.

3. Suitable for use alongside renewable energy heaters

Not only do most modern condensing oil boilers offer a minimum efficiency of 85% or above, most are also designed to integrate with a number of renewable technologies for your home including solar heating and ground source heat pumps. Used in conjunction with oil boilers, these technologies can help to bring down your monthly fuel bills even further over time.

The use of solar panels with your oil boiler is also highly recommended, as the use of natural sunlight to heat the water will mean that your heating system uses less fuel on a daily basis.

4. A future-proof investment

Despite attention-grabbing headlines over recent months suggesting that both oil and gas boilers are going to vanish from our homes in the not too distant future, there is nothing to fear.

Firstly, any changes, should they even come into effect, will only affect new builds for the foreseeable future. More importantly, modern oil boilers are now being manufactured ready for use with alternative fuel sources as they become available, meaning that as more and more bio-fuel is introduced, you’ll still be able to use your oil boiler. Realistically, if you buy a new oil boiler today you can be confident that you will enjoy its full service life.

5. Create more space with an external oil boiler

Although oil boilers are a highly efficient way to heat your home, they can take up a lot of space - especially in older countryside properties that were not built with modern heating in mind. This is why more and more rural homeowners are choosing to invest in an external boiler such as the powerful and reliable Worcester Bosch Heatslave II when the time comes for replacement.

If your existing oil boiler is due for replacement, you might wish to consider an external boiler, which allows you to relocate the new one outside and free up precious indoor space. Supplied complete with a robust, powder-coated all-weather housing, the Heatslave II external boiler can help you to unlock valuable space and transform your home. We don’t just relocate your boiler either - we’ll remove old fittings and pipework, and make good any related brick or stonework too so your space is ready to work with.

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